Wednesday, March 14, 2012

japanesse cuisine

today me and my partner kitchen made japanesse food. because the theme is asian food. this is my first time attempt and i kinda like it. sebab macam senang and the ingredients tak bape nak pelik macam chinesse food. i think i nak tukar profession la. hihi. so let's see one by one what we've done :)

this is miso soup with tofu and salmon fish. this is superb! and healthy. sebab tak masuk kan garam pun dalam ni. sangat sedap!

this is one of my favourite sushi. california roll. chef really love this. and he is impressed with our team. yay! sedappppp

for the main course, we did oyakodon. sushi rice with egg, chicken cooked with mirin. fantastic! love it!

and for the dessert, my partner wanted to make mochi but we couldn't get the filling since we buy the ingredient very the last minute. so she made dango! its like mochi also, but without filling and served with sauce :)

notice my california got mayonnaise on it? guess what, i made that home made mayonnaise instead of using inside the bottle! sangat mudah dan cepat ye buat home made mayonnaise!!! 1 egg yok and a bit of mustard then whisk it. then slowly pour in the oil. then add lemon juice and season it with salt and pepper. and here it is!!! chef loves it too!!

fyi, this is my second progress test. the previous test we made malaysian style. if i got time, i'll put it here. till then, babayi *gaya baby airel say goodbye :)

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