Sunday, April 27, 2014



Amazing man i ever met. he's the one who responsible for what i am today. he changed me from free hair to a hijabsta. i'm glad and very thankful to Allah swt because i met him. he's quite bad tempered person but when he's in the kitchen, you can see he's quite a funny guy. i adore him so much especially at work. yes he always nag about my work station like 'why is you're place so messy blablabla' but when it comes to work i just try to follow his step. Insyaallah. what i can say about him is, dia seorang yg bertanggungjawab. if my brother cant fetch me at work, i will pujuk him to fetch me and alhamdulillah so far he shows his responsible. thank you Allah swt. 

oh did i mention he already met and cooked for my mom UNOFFICIALLY??? yeah true. mom and her friend came to the hotel last saturday for lunch. and mom requested him to cook. and what make me surprised and touched is he even sent out the foods by himself. i saw by myself. i was praying to Allah swt that mom be good to him. keep on praying dia ok dan cool depan mama. alhamdulillah everything went well. mom likes his food :)

cdp sayang,
sarah bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi sarah berkenalan dengan abg. terima kasih atas perubahan abg buat kat sarah. sarah sentiasa mendoakan yg terbaik untuk kita berdua di dunia dan di akhirat. semoga Allah perkenankan doa kita dan semoga hubungan kita menjadi halal dan diberkati. terima kasih sebab sentiasa jaga sarah, marah sarah (marah manja), gurau dengan sarah, terima je ape air yg selalu sara buat kan. you are one in a million sayang. may Allah bless our relationship. amin :')

27th april 2014

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