Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 year survive!

with my two awesome team leader! all the best abg reza, haie!! miss u guys!!!

opening date. memory!

CNY trip to port dickson but somehow tersesat kat area langat =.='

fatin and abg reza last day. my awesome team leader. i'm so gonna miss u guys :')

jeevan's deepavali open house :)

celebrated new year with some new friends and some of them are no longer at UQ :'(

2011 buka puasa. with our beloved miss lai!!!

KLCC support team at One Utama. one long day but yet fun!

my favourite tl, abg y last day. i will try my very best to upgrade myself

kak lina last day. walaupun suka membebel but its for our own good. i will miss kak lina. all the very best for you! muah muah! :'(

happy 1 year anniversary sara! all the dramas, fights, gossips and etc i still manage to survive in this industry. especially with all of you. thank you for everything that we had together. for being 1 family with new people and hope we will still be family even tho we lost some great people like hirai-san, fatin, abg reza, abg y, kak lina, haie and if tak ade name tu, im sorry maybe terlupa nak taip. im sorry (ku susun 10 jari jemari ku yang comel loteh ini jika ade salah dengan u'olls). they all going to new store. and now, new team leader will take over. for all new team leader, jangan la nak curi tulang ye. baru naik tl je pun. xya nak banyak ngelat sangat. i know everything walaupun i'm just a part timer. huhu.

sekian, nice working with you guys. let's maintain to be the strongest uniqlo team in malaysia ya! GAMBATEH!

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