Thursday, February 23, 2012

simple and lazy vanilla cheese cake with whip cream

hello people! today i made cheesecake. nyum nyum nyum. at first i was thinking nak buat new york cheese cake but buddy bear wants me to make oreo cheesecake. but then, i only have a little of oreo cookie inside the cabinet. so i combine oreo and marie cookie as the base. and the cheese was super simple. and sangat sangat sesuai for those yang pemalas macam aku. haha. no egg no nothing. just cream cheese, sugar, vanilla essence and whip cream for extra creamy taste. hihi. but, something happen when i put the vanilla. terlebih letak pulak. so bau vanilla sangat la kuat! so i thought it wont turn out well. when buddy bear makan, i was worried. takut dia tak suka. or tak sedap. but he said okay la. overall okay. mama and adik loves it too! so there's a reason why i put the name "simple and lazy vanilla cheesecake". first sebab cheese tu macam bersepah. haha. vanilla sebab da bau vanilla kuat sgt. duhhhh. tapi base rase oreo. haha.

thank you for those who keep on give me support. and i'll try to cook better for my buddy bear. hehe. love u baby :)

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