Monday, July 30, 2012

this is for you! happy getting old!

hello! its 30 of july 2012. countdown to shade brown's birthday! its literally 1114pm when i wrote this. so shade, this entry is special for you my dear bestfriend :)
when i first saw u, i never thought we gonna be this close.
hangout after work, gossiping thru whatsapp.
listening to your problems, sharing my problems.
sharing food, borrowed your mickey mouse shirt.
and lots more.
we had lots of fun when we were together back there where all the three of us used to lepak.
now, you're at jb while waiting for your training.
i hope everything is okay there. u have such a lovely family that always support you no matter how many shits u did here in kl. haha. no no joking =p
always be grateful to God my dear. even tho you are not here to celebrate your birthday with your friends in kl, but u still have the opportunity to celebrate it with your family and friends at jb.
cherish them while u can. love them while u can. love the person who love u not the person who irritates u the most. i know u are strong now. keep on going strong okay. 
eat more rice not bread! haha.
i'm so sorry i dont have anything yet because u are far away from me. but once u are here in kl, please claim your gift from me ya :) 

i wish u a prosperity in life. a wonderful birthday with family. and hope u will get new girlfriend. hihi
i love u shade! muahhhhhhhhhh.

high heels hunting with my kids! love u guys!

cikgu yaya, me and shade at fr uniqlo klcc

california pizza with the uniqlo-ians. our drinks looks amazing!
i hope our relationship wont end up here. mahal kita :)

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