Monday, July 16, 2012

body odor?

hell-ooooo. today im gonna share u something that im currently using right now. since my skin is allergy  to any skin product, i can't really use anything to apply to my skin. one day, my whole body kena rashes and the worse part is my armpit. trust me. sangat worse dari cerita hantu. i've tried everything including go to the doctor. after 2 weeks sembuh, so i started to wear again deodorant. and it happen again. since that day, memang tak penah pakai deodorant da. serik sudah. jangan cakap armpit la kan. kalau apply body lotion confirm ade bintik bintik merah besar besar akan datang secara gatal. paling best, make up pun tak boleh pakai ye!!! so sad kan. hari tu pergi kerja pakai eyeliner and mascara then the next day mata bengkak macam kena ketumbit. dua dua mata plak tu bengkak. T_____T

so one day, i went to guardian pharmacy to buy my personal things and my other half saw this WEEKLY DEODORANT 'ONCE A WEEK WIPES'. cool kan bunyi dia? so i brought it and use it on the spot. and yay! masalah bau badan tiada lagi! ini bukan iklan macam dalam blog hanis zalikha atau hanie hidayah tapi ini iklan sarah sharina =.=

after months by months i've been using it, i've stop using it walaupun masih ada bau badan. and i tried something new again :) YAY! i found this amazing CRYSTAL body deodorant stick also from guardian pharmacy. let me brief u something about it. it's a natural crystal and it's 300% more effective from other commercial deodorant. non alcohol. non sticky. cepat kering. and i've been using it for 2days now, and i can say that my body odor is less and i can even wear it at night sebab dia non sticky! YAY! and comfortable is a must. just wet the top each time u wanna use it and just roll it like a rock star bebeh! and let it dry for awhile. and after that, u are free like a bird. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

so apa lagi??? siapa siapa yang ada masalah kulit, bau badan. sila la berbuat demikian. kita ni kan perempuan. harus lah buat something about it kan???

picture google :P

picture google :P

p/s: keadaan yang sangat malas sampai semua nya aku google. hahaha

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