Thursday, September 20, 2012

H&M Malaysia, Lot 10

hell-oo people! here we are again in my boring blog. hehe. but today, im gonna talk bout H&M Malaysia that will open soon. like, really soon la. this saturday (22 sept 2012) its the grand opening. how cool izit kan??!! not excited as me? jadi anda bukan fashionistas seperti saya. cewahhh, sejak bila aku pandai berfesyen ni. haha.

for your information, this is the first store in Malaysia and its located at Lot 10 Bukit Bintang. u know where all the agas kids selalu lepak tu kan. and full of foreigners. yeah. dekat citu. let me tell you one simple story. this company is from Sweden. H&M stands for Hennes and Maurits. from the beginning of its era, until 2012, they already have more than 2,000 stores worldwide. can u believe that? and they offers fashion and quality at the best price. i couldnt say more. its true! they have a lot of fashions and design that not only plain and boring design but they also sell in best price. like seriously, yes! trust me. i already went to the store in Lot 10 itself and i can say that its way cheaper than ZARA, Topshop, Topman, Uniqlo and etc.

H&M have a lots of concepts. for men's, they have H&M Men's or Basic, Extended, Modern Classic, Trend, L.O.G.G, Denim, Divided Blue and Grey. each concepts have their own significant designs and if you are more to plain color and plain, i'll suggest you go to Basic. if you more to slim fit cutting, you can go to Extended. Modern Classic is basically formal wear. nomnomnomnom. for Trend, they are more to stitching. very the detail one you know. and its updated. (of course la updated, tak kan outdated pulak kot). L.O.G.G is more too plain and cool garments and its updated la of course. Divided Blue is a relax concept and Divided Grey is more to dark color.

for ladies, H&M offers 8 concepts which is Everyday (its like everyday you wear and basic. plus its casual. like i'd said la kan, its everyday outfits), Modern Classic (its a formal wear), Trend (like men's also. more to cutting and stitching). Divided Red (basically its basic colletion and simple, like college girl go to college kan) while Divided Black (is more to clubbing and partying people. those who loves printing also have it here) Plus Size (i know, they have plus size here. truly understand Malaysian people. AND, this is the first store in Asia that offers Plus Size), Denim (denim is denim la. do i need to elaborate?) L.O.G.G is the same concept like men's), Lingerie (they have lots of lingerie's!!!) and for those who is smaller size than S size. dont worry, they have XS here. HOORAYYYY!

like any other brand, H&M also have kids! my favourite part of all! so yeah, basically they have for newborn, baby, small baby, big boy/girl, L.O.G.G and for maternity mother =) best nya sampai anak yg baru lahir pun da pakai H&M kan. class sangat. sara cepat la kahwin then get baby. bole hari2 pakai H&M clothes. dari suami ke anak ke diri sendiri! WOW!

so! are you guys going for the grand opening???? if you are, you can meet me! yay! bajet artis plak aku ni kan. hahahaha.

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