Sunday, May 29, 2011

problems come one by one

it's hard to say but i have to.
i've been keeping this for so long. i have to say it here.
i'm demotivated. AGAIN?
yeah. cool right? they said sara tak lepas probation. that's why stay kat CA.
ahhh cool. frankly speaking, i don't mind staying at CA all the time. love dealing with money and i'm glad i'm at CA team. i got the coolest teamleader among others. HAHA. naah. one reason why i'm glad i'm still at the CA team; i still got the chance to improve my pos skills, money handling, extra customer service, sincere smile to fussy/annoying/bodoh customers. HAHA. so yeah. i'm glad. thank you Allah. mum always said be thankful for you get even though at first it hurts you. T__T

----deleted----- HAHAHA

p/s: ahhh. susah nya jadi orang dewasa. nak jadi budak 3 tahun balik la macam ni. #okebhai

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