Sunday, May 29, 2011

praised to Allah :)

i passed my probation! Alhamdulillah. after all my effort at the CA. yipeeeeeeeeee!
i'm so proud of myself. walaupun aku ni banyak main masa kerja. HEHE. gua caya sama lu.
so my next self objective for next month will be full attendance for 3 months, target for higher grade; F1-2, in advanced to MASTER the pos system, and to master some of the SF tasks. ouh yeah. aku stay dekat CA. tak pergi mana mana pun. HEHE. sebilangan rakan rakan berpindah tempat. good luck bebeh!
till then. boi!

p/s: changed my life completely. thank you for my hardwork! maraming salamat :)

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