Monday, May 16, 2011

People always like to talk about others without knowing the truth. Some people thought that they are the best. They have what others don’t have. They pretend they are good in front of everybody. They pretend that they are not hypocrite like others! Hell yeah! Sometimes, when people said to me that they don’t like hypocrite people but actually the truly hypocrite is them! Trust me. I saw many of them behaving like this since I entered working life. And none of them I trust. I just like to hear their stories instead of believing it lively. Because I’m a hypocrite. That’s why I like to hear all your stories. Sounds so mean right? Haha. Kesah plak aku kan.

I’m supposed to update my blog with photos and to reply back one of my apple entry. But sorry, I’m totally don’t have mood to update that kind of entry. Today I woke up with tons of problems that I’m facing everyday. One of my friend said not to think about it or it will be worse. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate that very much. People WILL always talk and talk and talk. So, chillax. No need to be threaten by them. Like mom always said, be thick skin whenever you go. Let them say what they want to say. Malay is always like that maaaaa :)

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