Monday, May 30, 2011

otak kering

oh hye!
i'm on leave. not off day. yesterday i applied for emergency leave for 1 and a half day.
lil bro got bad asthma and can't breathe. pity him. now he is quite oke. so beliau da keluar rumah.
cissss! macam haram perangai! melayang duit kerja aku untuk hari ni. grrr.

so now i'm at home with no water. F u who stole my house meter! minta tangan kau berkurap. suka suka tukar meter air rumah aku. lepas tu air tak masuk kat sini. and the landlord belum datang rumah untuk check rumah kami ni. ahhh best gila leave aku =.='
and the PKNS or whatever Syabas lembab buat kerja. SYABAS for this two! lembab sangat kerja nya! tak quick and energetic betul. that's why mereka bukan 'Special Malaysian' :p

this weds and thurs is my off day! yipeeee! 2 days in a row! and after that i have to work till drop on weekends! ahhhhh. so i'm planning to do some document thingy for my college preparation. woi! i'm not gonna say goodbye to Uniqlo. love Uniqlo babe! because of Uniqlo i've became 'Special Malaysian'. HAHA. true. i'm not bluffing. am i? HAHA

*lap peluh. tak sampai 15minutes taip all this story mory. very quick and energetic. HAHA. now it's time for MariMar. layan till drop. baru pergi mandi. oke boi!

eh wait! it's school hols. MariMar tak ada. siot kau TV3! boikot kau! grr. beta nak beradu lah. lama tak beradu time time macam ni. kali ni betul betul boi aku tulis. HAHA. boi!

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