Wednesday, April 3, 2013

umrah february 2013

assalammualaikum my dear readers (if i have one)
so yeah, here's some photos that i promised to update here or i didnt promise anything? haha
nevermind, i did promise to myself to upload it here.
sorry cant put all as most of the photos is family photo. well family i semua artis2 so tak boleh nak tayang. haha jk.

so just to story a bit. 
honestly, deep in inside my heart, i really love madinah and makkah so much. im not gonna lie to you but when im there, i feel so much calm and i feel so much close to Allah swt. i almost forgot what is outside world? well, i do miss malaysia that time. i miss my friends and my surrounding but being there and just focus doing your ibadah is like Allah swt is listening to all your prayers. for 22year old i live in this world and i kept doing big sins, Allah still have some mercy for me to go to His house and perform my umrah and my ibadah. Allahuakbar. syukur alhamdulillah i managed to perform my umrah even tho there are some obstacles that i have to face. syukur.  thank you Allah.

when i came back to KL and met my friends, lots of them were like 'where's you hijab?' 'arent u supposed to wear it after u balik from umrah?' even my mom asked me to wear hijab but i say no. not because i dont want to. i really want too but its just that, for me if u're wearing hijab, firstly, wear it properly. when u wear hijab u most also perform solat. third, dont take hijab as a hair; hijab is not for fashion or to let people see your other parts of aurat. forth, mind your language. im a person that always curse all the time. but alhamdulillah i cursed less now. and one more thing, to wear hijab actually is a compulsory when u already get your period or as in malay 'akil baligh'. not when u already came back from umrah. take note that people. dont see us; who just got back from umrah to pretend to wear hijab but your attitude is just the same. I AM SO SORRY FOR MY HARSH WORDS. im still a free hair person, the same old person BUT i've changed a little (walaupun tak banyak). you might not see the changes inside me but Allah swt knows. 

so basically im not wearing hijab yet but insyaallah maybe one day. but dont judge me as a bad girl or what cause i choose to be what i am now and im gonna choose what i am later. ya Allah, please forgive all my sins  that i've done wrong to this world, to the people around me and to my beloved family. please give us strength to continue our journey as a muslim and die as a muslim. ya Allah sesungguh nya kau Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Mengasihi. Amin.

soory for my very bad english.  nahhh pictures :)

flight ticket, passport, visa ready!

view from our room. masjid al nabawi in the morning

morning walk after subuh prayer at masjid nabawi

masjid nabawi madinah al munawarrah

masjid al nabawi from our hotel

H&M store and markets

masjib nabawi from outside. while waiting for isyak prayer 
lucky baby girl sofia with our lovely grandma, mummy

in masjid Quba. my lovely mom and me

outside masjid Quba. beautiful

le cousin and me at dates farm. must try the frozen dates!!!

bukit Uhud

masjid nabawi during the daylight

while waiting for magrib prayer. outside is so breezy!

me and mom in front of madinah square

me and my brothers at Miqat Bir Ali. lafaz niat umrah buat dekat sini :)

self portrait and the background is my aunty and her girls and the beautiful Kaabah. this is after we've done  our umrah

family portrait. the most precious moment and priceless picture. Allahuakbar

quick snap of kaabah before heading to our hotel

this juice is super delicious. cant find it in KL

and this ice cream too

outside masjidil haram

markets at makkah

the grandma and the granddaughters at jabal thur

cant perform second umrah, so uncle brought some arab bread which is so delicious and tender!

at jabal rahimah where u can pray for your love. ehem2

in front of the market. mom with le cousin

outside of masjidil haram. 

kaabah view from the level 2.

about to perform asar prayer, they already started to take places to solat in front of kaabah

inside of masjidil haram. 

beautiful creatures kan?? Allahuakbar. me and le cousin

all checked. its time to go home. i miss everything :')

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