Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 recap

hello 2013! alhamdulillah now we already in 2013. few steps to 2020. woot woot.
i'm gonna miss 2012 cause there's a lot of memories that made me more happy, but near to the ending of 2012 its not that sweet anymore. but i thank Allah for giving me opportunities to know who i am, who is my friend  thru happy and sad moment, who is my enemy and etc.

in 2012, i met with this awesome guy in my life that made me changed. he taught me for not being racist with other race and he taught me a lot about life. he taught me how to appreciate money and not to skip class because i have the education that he couldn't get. and the most important, he taught me that beauty is not everything. he accepted me in and out. he doesn't care with my un-proper attitude and style. but as time flies, something came up, and we couldn't be together at the moment. its like we have to sacrifice for our love. but now, we have to stay strong and stay alive even though it hurts us a lot.

in 2012, i left Uniqlo and went to H&M. to be honest, its not easy to forget the old place because i've been in Uniqlo for 1 year plus and i learned so much thing about life and friendship. i left Uniqlo because of the negative environment and the people also. so when i went to H&M, i found lots of interesting people. its like the LGBT community and they can accept anything. and they are very open minded and straight forward. and now, i'm loving my kids team and the mens department cause we share the same floor. and we always help each other. such a loving team kannnn? hihi.

in 2012, i started my 3rd and 4th semester as a senior. means, i started to learn the basic in kitchen by myself. cause in college, they didn't teach us the basic. suck right? i know. so i have to struggle myself without nobody help even though i have few friends in college. i've been failing my exam for 2 times. haha. tak kelakar sangat. LOL. and this 7th january, i'm gonna start my 5th semester and i'm gonna miss H&M a lot T___T

in 2012, i loss weight! yay! from 52kg to 47kg. ehem ehem. good achievement right? many ask for my secret. wanna know? try to love someone that you really love and then breakup. i've been in love before this but it never effect my life but this one, totally effect my life so fucking much. i can even wear his tshirt size xs ok! crazy and sexy i tell you! haha. but yeah, its my greatest achievement but i seriously don't like it.

in 2012, i know who is my true friend. sometimes, if we've been friend for 7 to 8 years doesn't mean they are our true friends. sometimes they stick with us because they don't have other friends. and when they know the real world, they left us behind. and sometimes, not all BFF know how to calm us. sometimes, the people that we always talk shit about them, are always with us. even though they don't know how to calm us, but they know how to respect us by listening to our problems. sometimes, when we share our problems with someone that we are not close with, it will automatically make us close and know how to handle us when we sad.

but that's all in 2012. let's close that book and never open it again. but if ever i have the chance to go back to 2012, i wouldn't want to know about his feeling. now i'm in 2013, i want to start fresh. my new year resolution this year just to stay alive and stay strong. Amin

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