Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my third day

hi hi!!
today is my third day in college.
how's college? i can only say i love my practical class.
i hate theory class. so i can't wait for my uniform :D
i will get my uniform in 2weeks time. ahhhhhhh can't wait!!
for western cuisine assignment next week we are going to do spaghetti. meatballs. nyum nyum. cuba teka idea siapa? haha. that one is just for fun. our chef said he don't want us to be bored so we need to do some activity. so, i'm looking forward to that fun activity :)

our batch, which is this intake, we only have 10 students. 1 Korean, 1 Indonesian, 1Iran and the rest is Malaysian. and i'm the only malay girl in the college (i guess). it's a little bit sad but i don't mind being the only flower in our batch. for the seniors, i think 5 of them is malay. so yeah. bantai saja lah kan. so far, i don't have any problem YET. so hopefully i'll be fine for this 2years course.

in international cuisine class, our seniors made Caesar Salad. i didn't try. tummy ache yaww. so not cool T__T
for pastry student, they made Cream Caramel and Fruit Tart. and guess what? i ate all of it!! bwahaha. yummy is the word! thanks seniors!!! please do more! cause i'm gonna eat more from you guys. hahaha.

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