Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Store Visit Report by Sara

hello everyone!
welcome to my Store Visit Report part I.
this is my first time ever doing this report. so hopefully, what i'm going to write later will not offend anybody and of course. this is for our improvement right. sharing is caring right. HIHI *evil laugh with cute expressions.

let's start on 31st of July 2011.
wuyeahhhh! gaji da keluar awal awal pagi. sangat seronok bila gaji da keluar. lagi seronok bila gaji aku seorang je yang belum keluar. why?? why porke why??? ask Mr. Management about my salary. then he said, 'ohhh yours is the last batch so maybe they still doing it. try check later at 8pm ++ okey?' and i did. i checked my bank at 11pm. guess what?? gaji tak masuk lagi mehhhh. so okey fine. let's just settle it tomorrow.

*makan double cheese burger sebab da terlanjur check bank kat McDonald. haha

1st of August/1st of Ramadhan 2011.
arrived at the store early as our noon shift starts 30mins early than usual day. one of my friend ask 'so macammane? gaji da masuk?' with my 'laweh' expression answer 'nope. gaji belum masuk. dorang ni nak mati hold gaji aku lame lame' and i started to cry. very the sad one bak kata Jeevan. *tiba tiba selit nama Jeevan kan. HAHA. and one of my Miss Management knows something is not right with me. so she asked me 'are u okey Sara?' 'NO!' i answered her dengan nada marah dan frust. so i tell her everything about yesterday case and some of the MANAGEMENT excuses. and i asked her to clarify this matter with HER management and also the HR. if not, i, myself will go and ask the RHB bank! and thank you for your hardwork Miss Management! she solved the problem for me. HEHE. the one and only admin uniqlo ni ingat kan aku berhenti kerja akhir Julai. so beliau buat payment aku ke arah CHEQUE mode. which is, aku kena tunggu dorang bank in. betul betul menyusahkan aku!

sekarang aku harus tunggu cheque aku clear. well, aku tak berapa nak pasti samada mereka akan bank in kan ke tak cheque aku. make sure korang bank in kan. sebab sah sah ini semua salah kau orang!! kalau gaji aku tak masuk by this week. aku berhenti! HAHA *gelak evil dengan muka laweh.

btw, tadi aku baca CABARAN TANPA MEKAP. sangat best itu entry. rasa macam nak mencuba produk yang beliau guna kan. ahhh. kena selidik dulu.

this is me this morning. with big pimples and eyebag. this is my natural beauty. i go to work with no makeup at all. so cool! HAHA

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