Thursday, June 16, 2011

the humble Mr Auditor :)

Alhamdulillah. All i can say is thank you. Thank you for noticing me when i'm doing my work. Thank you for coming to our store and give us B rank. We were totally happy to hear that. It's not easy to get B rank from our big boss. Many many thank you Mr Auditor. Now, you are one of my favourite japanesse guys. HIHI.

Let's start all over again with full version okey?

Sooooooooooo, yesterday i went to clinic to take some medicine for my rashes. So the doctor gave me MC. But i didn't MC because it's just a small matter so why must take MC right? Plus, today i'm on off day. So why must take off day 2days? *Ape lah sara ni. Rugi tak amek MC. doctor da bagi MC pun taknak :p

Screw you! It's a small matter only mahhh. No need to make it a big deal. LALALA. Then i went to UNIQLO with my starbucks and auntie annie's pretzel for my brunch at 11.30am. *Do i have to mention starbucks and antie annie? Ahhhh so lame. KAHKAHKAHKAH. I bukan lame. Saje nak panjangkan karangan okey :)

During our teamtalk, our manager said 'we will be expecting a visitor', Mr Auditor. LALALA. He is such a humble person. He didn't even wear any coats or leather shoes. Just t-shirt and jeans. And i didn't expect him to be the visitor of the day. I thought he is one of our customers. Luckily, when i'm at the cashier doing some transaction, i smiled and bowed to the customers. i greet the customers with my most cheerful smile. HAHA. No fake man! That time I was a lil bit high. I was excited for nothing. HAHA. Lame! I was helping my friend with his purchases and maybe he recorded it or maybe he took our picture. I’m not so sure. But one thing for sure, he did took our picture! HAHA. Don’t jealous my dear colleagues. We did it together. It’s our hard work for making our store cheerful and be the number 1 store in Malaysia. I think we already achieved our June objective right? Maybe just for one day but still! And we beat Fahrenheit 88. HOHO. I’m so happy! It’s not easy you know :) till then. Bai bai

p/s: I never get any thank you card from the management. Yesterday was awesome! More thank you card please!!!!

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