Saturday, June 25, 2011


hi blog!
i'm not in a mood to work this work.
maybe because i did alot of mistakes this few days.
i regret. seriously. if only i follow the rules it won't be like this.
i'm sorry.

my health is not so good. my rashes is back again after i ate seafood the other day. wtf.
ceri berry is still on the go. everytime i eat, sure sure i will go for BIG code 10. f much.
this is bad for me. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

anyways, i just got my #SAVEJAPAN UT. just nice. just nice when they said they will not do restock. VERY THE LIMITED EDITION GITU. ahhh. dammit! all the XS size customers da amek. just nice. just nice when they said staff cannot buy on the first day of #SAVEJAPAN UT launch. agagaga. it's okay. i got my friend to but it for me. LALALALALA

and! Mizz Nina new hit single! with Flo Rida! and i'm addicted with it!!! good job Mizz Nina!!! muax muax. oke bhai

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