Sunday, August 4, 2013

selamat hari raya 2013 dari perantauan

as we grow up, we tend to make more friends and foes,
and i always have this kind of friends; friends come and go,
therefore, always choose the right person to be our friends,
who is willing to help when you are sad,
who is willing to offer some help when you don't have anything,
who is always by your side when you're happy even tho you're not happy with your life,
who is always make you think twice before you do anything,
i am happy to have this person below as my best friend,
i hope our friendship will last until forever because she's everything to me,
she's younger than me,
we are like sisters,
sometimes we will argue about silly things,
and yes, we used to fought when i accidentally made her spilled her drink over her,
our relationship sometimes can be mistaken as lesbian,
but nah,
we do love each other as sisters,
this is my best friend, my best bitch Shapiqa Karim :) 

i am so obsess with YoungBae. forgive me for putting his photo here but who cares, its my blog. bhahaha.
selamat hari raya from me and my korean husband, taeyang. goodbye ;P

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