Saturday, February 11, 2012

people attitude

hello blog! hello cyber!
today i'm gonna write about a discussion on how cyber effect our life.
but before that, i want to give a big thank you to this people who really inspired me to write this topic; people that come and go in my life. give yourself a pulse! :)

these days, we can see a lot of teenagers are into cyber. such as facebook, twitter, tumblr and anything that i don't really give a damn. they also like to express their feelings thru cyber. especially when they are in love, angry, happy, moody, cursing and etc.

well, here is my story. i'm full timer culinary student and a part timer worker. and Alhamdulillah, i'm just a part timer at my work place. you know why? because at my work place, there's a lot of kaki gossip, kaki mengumpat, kaki tipu, hypocrite and lots more that i can't even explain. and mostly, when some of our colleagues have small argument with themselves, they started to post their feelings at fb and twitter. and later, it will be a bigger issue and started to point fingers to one another. typical human being right? but that is not the case that i want to share here.

to me, twitter is a very private thing. its like my own portable diary that i can bring anywhere. and i like to update my twitter status all the time about my love story, studies, human being and mostly my love story. haha. so yeah. its true. i always update my love story at twitter. and there's this one guy *ehem ehem didn't like my status. dafuq? and he started to update his status sarcastically. even though he didn't mention my name, i know he mean it to me. because i know this kind of people, they can't see people happy. and they will always have this negative thinking. duhhh. lemau sangat weyhh. so yeah. one thing for you dude or babe, just UNFOLLOW me or UNFRIEND me. end of story.

i never give a fuck about my followers at twitter or blog. i never count them and i don't give a bloody fucking shit if they feel annoying with my writings. and if you give me this stupid and very pathetic excuses like 'oh maybe your other followers don't like it, so let me be the one to let you know'. dude! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! do i look like aku batak followers??? macam korang? daaaa. kalau aku batak followers, aku da lame subscribe twitter for facebook wei. pastu followers aku da berlambak. lagi berlambak dari korang. but, aku bukan macam korang. like i've said earlier, twitter is my private thing. if you don't like it, just unfollow me. aku tak rugi hilang follower yang merepek macam kau. oh and one more thing, no wonder orang banyak tak suka kau, sebab kau suka mula kan sesuatu pergaduhan dan itu datang nya dari mulut hanjing kau sendiri. kau yang suka memulakan gaduh. now i know. HAHAHA. pity.

sebenar nya, aku tak la pissed off sangat pun. sebab aku malas nak gaduh dengan orang yang low minded macam kau. macam buang masa. dan tak bawak ke arah kebaikan pun. dari aku bukak mulut aku. baik aku diam. aku tak rugi duit, masa kalau tak ade follower macam kau.

thank you :)

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