Monday, November 14, 2011


forget justin bieber.
this is more awesome than justin bieber.

he is just 14years old. and WOW! his voice is like WOW! honestly speaking, his voice is better than bieber. not to girlish. but hey! i'm still into the biebs but not that fanatic. but greyson boy, you're on top of my list. i just love to listen your songs. his vocal is so powerful. when he first appearance on Youtube, i was just like 'another wannabe biebs' but when i saw his performance at AIM last weekend i was starstruck by his voice. his talent and voice is just amazinggggggg! i know he is just 14 and he is totally cute! but the main thing here, his powerful voice! keep it up boy! i'm your new die hard fan ;)

his recent photo at KL. awesome! adik so comel!

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