Friday, April 29, 2011

eye bag

good evening all.
just a random topic actually.
im too tired to story everything. let's just be simple okay?

so today we did stimulation.
and yet, im a bit slower than the rest at the cashier side. yes i admit.
im not as good as them. but im pushing myself to the limit to understand customers satisfaction and to be able to answer all customers question.
im still at zero level. T________T
yes, im crying to myself. and im wondering why i can't do all this.
i've been working at Prince Hotel for 1year plus as customer service assistant and i can't even do this-so-called-customer-service??
im deeply disappointed with myself.
everyday i set my objective but none of them i achieve YET. this is so BADASS!
and today, im feeling really really down. thanks!

and some of the senior staff that i don't want to mention names.
*pls beware the usage of 'S' belakang ayat tu okay. this is general :p
pls be more serious during stimulation. and ESPECIALLY when it's involving money.
pls! don't make me write in the zen in kei ei book. HAHA. *na'ah. im not gonna write it there. NO WAYYY!

i think, i've done with my writing. will write again when somebody carik pasal with me again. HAHA. boi!

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