Tuesday, March 29, 2011

thank you card

Thank you card.

Usually we received it when people appreciate our effort or whatever that comes to your mind right now. I-don't-want-to-talk-details-bout-it. Like when we really really really really make an effort to be the number one staff but then nobody knows that we exist at all.

While others received the thank you card each and every day but they don't really really really really work hard for it. For example: they will only do their work if the team leader or the manager do spot check on them. But when the team leader or the manager gone, they become lazy as usual. HAHA. Typical malay attitude right? Okay fine I’m a malay also which not really pure malay (tu pun nak bagitau) but isn’t our store manager told us to be a special Malaysian? Capital letter, SPECIAL MALAYSIAN. So definitely they don’t want us to be lazy or just playing around during work or blablablabla.

Cut it short la kan. Sebenarnya, I’m a bit demotivated because I didn’t get the thank you card. For you, maybe it’s a small thing. But for me, it’s a big thing. Seriously, it’s biggie!! Bigger than you thought. Even though during the training session I’m a bit cheerful, super duper hyper active, and last but not least playful but I still (at least) pay attention to the team leader and always ASK if I’m not sure about something and I always volunteer to do the task. Like today, I think I volunteered a lot during the training. Senang cerita, all the time! So please, tell me. Apa kurang dekat aku?

  • Friendly and smile. Check.
  • ·Quick and energetic. Check.
  • Courtesy to customer. Check.
  • Always ask for clarification. Check and double check.
  • Always volunteer to do the task. Super duper check.

Erk! Any details cannot be publish. It’s P&C. Harap maklum. I’ll just pay attention on this 5 points okay? So, tell me? Tak layak ke? Aku nak card kecil tu saja. Bukan besar pun. Bukan senang budak macam aku nak concentrate untuk benda kecil macam ni tau. Lagi lagi aku. Damn it’s hard you know! I’m pushing myself to be the best to make sure that you guys know that people like me exist. So, please take note. Thank you

Ouh yeah! Memang aku tengah marah. Upset gila. So, let’s hope that tomorrow will be a better day that today. Amin


FzaIbrahim said...

sometimes we think that we've done the best.
but too bad, those people are blind and dont know how to evaluate appropriately.

just dont give up dear.
no matter what it is, always do the best as you could.
there are rewards awaiting for those who work sincerely.
someday, they will appreciate u.
trust me. :)

Sarah Sharina said...

thank you Fza! sudah menaikkan semangat ku. and yes, those people memang berat sebelah. so now, i think i'll just focus on my work instead of them :D

sharizan said...

Baby, we do our job because we love our job and NOT because of recognition nor some stupid card. As long as we are honest and do our job properly, InsyaAllah, Allah will bless us more. Those recogniton & cards are just added bonus.

Dont give up and keep your chin up high. You are a strong girl kan, u are my mini me : ))

Love always.

Sarah Sharina said...

thank you mom. will keep that in mind. i dont need those cards to impress them. as long i do my work and gaji jalan, im okey with that. i am strong like you mom. XOXO